Signature Series: Masterclass 2022 Edition

Signature Series: A Masterclass for Aspiring Special Events Consultants™
Entering your 1st Act or beginning your 2nd Act.

October 2022 – Date TBA

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Course Overview

Week 1 – Defining and Understanding Your Philanthropy Story

One sure way to build a consultancy that aligns with your beliefs and values, is to be clear on what they are before you start.
While working with nonprofits is rewarding and impactful, the work is far from glamourous.
If you had the chance to work with an organization that supports individuals who are underserved, marginalized or overlooked would you feel comfortable in these spaces?
Alternatively, if you were approached by an organization at the center of public discourse, advocating for human and civil rights, would you want to know more or retreat until a safer cause comes along?
Your answers depend on your core beliefs and the causes you are willing to take a stand for.
We will discuss WHY this is ESSENTIAL and how it impacts your outreach efforts to engage future clients.

Week 2 – A Candid Look at Special Events Fundraising

Many individuals have an idea of how special events work, but may not be totally clear on special events fundraising and its role in the nonprofit funding model.
Understanding how special events function is critical to building your confidence which, in turn, impacts your success.
When working with a client, you must be comfortable asking the right questions.
You must also conduct your own independent research, that will allow you to get a clear picture of their development infrastructure and their most recent wins and setbacks.
All of these elements, when taken together, will provide you with a clear picture of the organization’s fundraising story (or lack thereof.)

Week 3 – Ensuring Your Voice (and Your Client’s) Is Heard

In recent years, many fundraising experts and chroniclers of philanthropy have openly discussed the barriers to fundraising experienced by women, the disabled and people of color.
These challenges are well documented, particularly at the funding and societal level.
There will be instances where the slights will be more covert than others, however your job is to insure your client’s voice is heard especially in these instances.
You will understand what constitutes an appropriate response vs. an inappropriate reaction.
Remember, retreating from a funding meeting is not an option so let’s discuss ways to support your client in these moments.

Week 4 – Enlisting the Stars of The Show

Each honoree’s role in the fundraising process is vital to your clients success and leveraging their networks key to a successful outcome.
Obtaining their buy-in and full commitment involves connecting with them in a way that taps into their core beliefs.
In this session we will discuss your leadership role in this process, how to help your clients move honorees beyond the “one and done” approach so they remain loyal after the event ends.

Week 5 & 6 – The Mechanics of the Fundraising Campaign

Many times you have heard the expression “there is a science of building a fundraising campaign,” however, I would like to offer an enhanced perspective.
Fundraising, while approached with precision, is ultimately Heart Work!
Yes, there are some rules of engagement that can be applied from one organization to another, but you cannot take a cookie-cutter approach to helping your clients make compelling cases for support.
Let’s gather around the table to discuss the fundraising campaign further!

Week 7 – Scripting Your Way to Success

Creating an event script (or storyboard) is time consuming and taxing, but this is one of the main reasons why your client has hired you.
You must allow sufficient time to develop the blueprint to guide your event.
Your script is a non-negotiable item for your toolkit for everyone depends on it – your client, vendors, the venue management and key participants.
We will discuss ways to approach this tool so that you can deliver a successful event.

Week 8 – Thank You Goes a Long Way

Donors, supporters, volunteers and vendors want to know their support is valued and appreciated.
Yet sometimes in the hustle and bustle of planning an event, the thank you process can fall through the cracks. Here is my advice: Do Not Allow This To Happen!
Ensuring your client appropriately thanks everyone who participated in their event will be key to engaging them in meaningful conversations after the event.
There are many ways to achieve this and we will discuss some options for your consideration.

Benefits to You!

Notes from each module to add to your toolkit.
A curated reading list of items to support you on your journey.
Surprise visits from guest speakers.
Two (30) minute “mentor check-in” calls with me after the course.


Signature Series Masterclass – Fall 2022

A premier, 8-week Masterclass for aspiring special events fundraising consultants.


What’s Next?

Let’s meet over Zoom and spend 30 minutes discussing where you are in your business and what you would like to gain from this Masterclass.

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