A Look Back: Masterclass 2020 | 8 Weeks in Review

Dear Aspiring Consultants and Executive Directors,

Thank you for showing up and actively participating for 8 amazing weeks. It has truly been my honor to support you on your journey to success. During our time together, we explored:

1. Your Philanthropy Story, why it is essential and how it impacts your outreach efforts to engage future clients.
2. What Special Event Fundraising is and is not and how events can strengthen your organization’s funding model.
3. Enlisting the Stars of Your Show, obtaining their buy-in and endorsement of your organization.
4. Creating an effective Special Events Fundraising Campaign.
5. Ensuring Your Voice (and your organization’s voice) Is Heard.
6. Writing Successful Scripts and and how this tool is critical to your event’s success.
7. Finding creative ways to Always Say Thank You.

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