What are Signature Strategies For Success?

Signature Series: Fall 2021 Masterclass for Aspiring Special Events Fundraising Consultants™
Entering your 1st Act or beginning your 2nd Act!

Tuesday @ 7 pm, September 21 – November 2, 2021

While it may seem strange to contemplate fundraising events during a global pandemic, many nonprofits cannot afford to push pause for their work is never-ending. Moreover, events are a primary source of revenue that, for now, has disappeared.

Executive directors are keenly focused on finding new ways to remain visible in the philanthropic marketplace until they can gather in person once again. In the meantime, nonprofits must be innovative and remain focused on their mission and programs.

This is where you come in. Working together we will explore:

WHY it is critical for you to see yourself in each client so you can be present and serve with compassion.
WHY events matter more to some organizations than others.
HOW memorable occasions ensure your client’s “voice” is heard even in a crowded philanthropic marketplace.
HOW to help clients engage donors during and after events.
WHAT goes into creating a successful fundraising campaign.
HOW to set the “stage” for an exciting, and profitable, event regardless of the setting (live or virtual.)

If you feel you have been called to do this work, why not equip yourself
with the information you will need to launch a scalable business.
If you’re ready to take the next step, our SIGNATURE SERIES
8-week virtual masterclass is for you.

Signature Consulting:
For Executive Directors and Leaders
Who Want to Plan Ahead™

Planning events takes time and energy. While we are in the midst of Covid-19, nonprofit leaders must persevere in their mission and programs so their beneficiaries can have access to essential services required to live their lives with dignity and respect.

We consult with leaders and executive directors who need to gather critical information prior to introducing a new fundraising event or expanding an existing event. Participants will receive a customized fundraising plan to guide their efforts.

Working together we will:

EXAMINE your capacity to launch (or grow) a signature event.
IDENTIFY existing resources and gaps that can threaten success.
AGREE on critical elements of the strategic plan for your event.
OBTAIN BUY-IN from your leadership team and fundraising committee.
CREATE a buildable, scalable plan for review and sign-off.

This is a 10-week process. Depending upon where your organization is
in its fundraising portfolio, this can be a place to begin or expand.
If you are committed to getting a head start, let’s plan for this to be your year of comeback.

Signature Event Management:
For Organizations & Charities

For this service, we begin with a 5-STEP PROCESS to analyze each organization’s fundraising objectives, examine their development infrastructure and lay the groundwork for the creation of a SIGNATURE EVENT.

Hallmarks of our SIGNATURE EVENT MANAGEMENT service includes:

INFORMATION gathering stage with key leadership and stakeholders.
SHAPING a strategic fundraising action plan.
CREATING a blueprint to guide the fundraising and marketing campaign.
OVERSEEING the implementation of the strategic plan.
PROVIDING event management service including working with vendors.
CREATING a written event summary to review wins and challenges.

The time frame for this service varies based upon the event’s
fundraising goal, anticipated number of attendees and scope.
We look forward to helping you say to your guests
“Welcome to Our Event”.

To learn more about our Signature Event Management, or to ask a question about any of our other programs, please complete the form below.

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