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Signature Strategies For Success: Raise Your Organization’s Profile & Strengthen Your Philanthropy™


We are living in unprecedented times. Every industry has been impacted by Covid-19, and will most likely spend the rest of this year adjusting to our new reality. 

If you are looking to revision your approach to the work the you do, perhaps now is a good time to consider entering into strategic collaborations with other organizations to:
Build capacity
Raise your visibility
Strengthen your philanthropy

Here’s What I Know For Sure…

As the leader of a mission-driven nonprofit organization, you have spent countless hours cultivating prospects and working to ensure new sources of funding.
Yet despite your best efforts, there are days when funders seem elusive and it feels as if there is little ROI.
Abandoning your work is not an option.
You need fresh ideas to help drive your organization forward.
So, what’s next?

Perhaps it Is Time To Look At Fundraising Through A New Prism?

Let’s Explore Ways You Can:
Broaden your mission without overtaxing existing resources – build capacity.
Position your organization for greater visibility – raise profile.
Create greater impact – strengthen your philanthropy.

Section #1 – Collaborate To Build Capacity

This section offers 4 strategies you must embrace for this concept to work.
You must also be willing to do take an unbiased look at your organization as you travel along the road to building capacity.
We will also discuss new ways of looking at your work and equally if not more important, the benefits of setting intentional collaborations to ensure a successful outcome.
We offer several approaches to this important task.

Section #2 – Collaborate to Raise Visibility

This section offers 3 ways you can collaborate with your peers to reach your goals.
We also take a look at what to expect on the road to raising your profile in the philanthropic marketplace.

Section #3 – Collaborate to Strengthen Your Philanthropy

We end this guide by sharing 4 strategies you can use to ensure you are making informed (vs. emotional) collaboration.
We also look at 4 critical questions to ask and answer to gauge if you are positioning your organization to ensure greater impact.
Lastly we provide you with 6 essential components to help you build lasting partnerships now and in the future.

When working on stubborn societal problems, no single actor – even the wealthiest foundations – can accomplish much by itself. This is both a historical fact and a present day reality.”

Phil Buchanan

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